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Modeling Massage - Chinese Cupping

Massage therapy, massage Chinese cupping

Service description

Chinese cupping massage consists in creating a negative pressure inside the cup and sucking in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. During the Chinese cupping massage, the thighs, buttocks and abdomen are intensively massaged. The effect is visible after a few treatments. It accelerates blood circulation and metabolism, effectively contributing to the reduction of body fat. Chinese cupping massage perfectly relaxes and calms down, recommended to exhausted people, leading a sedentary lifestyle, after intense exercise and during slimming treatment. Removing cellulite with a Chinese cupping bubble brings very clear results in a short time and costs little.

This is why Chinese cupping massage is one of the most popular treatments aimed at combating cellulite. In addition, Chinese cupping massage smoothes and firms the skin and removes toxins from the body, which are the main cause of orange peel, therefore it works very well not only as an anti-cellulite treatment, but also firms and shapes the body.


Time of treatment: 30-90 minutes

Series: determined individually

Area: all body              


1 SESSION 45 min. £60
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