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Lips Filler

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About the treatment

Lip filler is currently one of the most chosen treatments in aesthetics. It’s not only popular for being long lasting (they last up to 12 months), but also result in refreshing and rejuvenating the appearance of the entire face. 


Modelling the lips is not just about enlarging them, but also equalising asymmetry, changing the shape, firming the lips and improving their moisturation. The lip filling procedure is also perfect for people who, as a result of the natural aging process have lost their lips’ volume and the skin of the labia has become flaccid. 


In this case, the filler is used, which is a natural product that gives the lips the desired structure and hydration. The amount of preparation depends on the patient’s expectations- the effect achieved by filling can be adjusted to individual needs.

Time of treatment: 30-60 minutes                     

Series: 1 time every 6-18 months                           

 Area: lips


Lip Fillers & Enhancements ᐧ 0.5ml

Lip augmentation and modeling with hyaluronic acid

£ 150 per 0.5ml syringe

* 25% Deposit Redeemable against treatment

Lip Fillers & Enhancements ᐧ 1ml

Lip augmentation and modeling with hyaluronic acid

£ 300 per 1ml of syringe

* 25% Deposit Redeemable against treatment

Advantages of Lip Filler Treatment


  • The lip filler treatment is very effective and the effects can be seen immediately. 

  • There is no particular cure time. The patient can go back to everyday activities straight away. 

  • The treatment is almost painless and uses anaesthesia cream to numb the lip area. You will feel a slight prick. 

  • The effects last for many months. 

  • The lip filler is a very safe product to use. 

  • Lip filler treatment is a great alternative for surgical interventions.

What Lips look like after treatment ?


After the treatment lips may seem slightly swollen. 

You may feel a slight sensitivity or mild pain. 

You may notice slight hyperaemia or marks on lips. 

These symptoms should resolve once the area has healed, usually takes 2-5 days.

How to prepare for the treatment ?


One week before the treatment you should not (if possible) take any medication that thins blood. 

One day before the treatment you should not consume alcohol. 

Patients with tendency to get cold sores on the lips should start a prophylactic treatment 3 days before the lip filler treatment and continue 3 days after.

Healthy skin woman natural makeup beauty


  • Narrow lips 

  • Smaller top lip or bottom lip 

  • Lip asymmetry 

  • Lips lacking volume 

  • Loss of firmness 

  • Dry and pale lips 



  • Pregnancy and breast feeding period 

  • Cold and fever 

  • Fresh tan 

  • Active bacterial, fungal and viral infections (e.g cold sore) 

  • Taking medication 

  • Taking antibiotics or steroids 

  • Tendency to develop keloids 

  • Unregulated illnesses (e.g diabetes type 1)

  • Autoimmune illnesses 

  • Epilepsy 

  • Cancers (up to 5 years after recovery)

Recommendations after the treatment


  • You should pay special attention to hygiene - don’t touch your lips, after every meal gently wash lips with water, pat dry with a paper towel, give up smoking for recovery time. 

  • For at least 24 hours after the treatment you should not consume any hot drinks to avoid overheating the area. 

  • For at least 7 days after the treatment you should avoid using sauna, swimming pool, sun bed, jacuzzi, long hot baths, winter sports. 

  • For 2 weeks after the treatment you should not sun bathe. 

  • For 2 days after the treatment you should avoid lip makeup. 

  • For at least 7 days you should avoid using lip scrub.


Who is performing the treatment?


The procedure is performed by a suitably qualified person.

Is the procedure painful?


The procedure is almost painless and performed

under local anesthesia. During the procedure

The patient feels only slight punctures.

How long does convalescence take?


The treatment does not require a recovery period,

right after it, the patient may return

for everyday activities.



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