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Male patient hands using automatic alcohol

The highest safety standards in the clinic

SkinMedicine M&R Jaworscy

Safety is one of the most important values ​​that guide the SkinMedicine M&R Jaworscy team in their daily work.

The health of our patients and team members is our highest priority, which is why high hygiene standards have always been applied in our clinics.

As a preventive measure, we have introduced additional rigorous aseptic procedures exceeding the recommended ones. Far beyond the required standards, we have also intensified the procedures for disinfecting the surfaces and equipment of the clinic. All safety standards are still maintained by us at the SkinMedicine M&R Jaworscy clinic.

The actions we take are an expression of responsibility and care for our patients and colleagues. We want everyone at our SkinMedicine M&R Jaworscy clinic to feel safe and comfortable.

We hope that our actions will contribute to the safety of all of us.



We make sure that you feel safe.

In our clinic:

  • We follow all recommendations.

  • We perform our disinfection procedures for all areas of clinics accessible to patients and staff more often than recommended. We pay special attention to the most frequently touched surfaces, such as handles, handles and table tops, which are disinfected at least once an hour.

  • All offices, rest and refreshment rooms, bathrooms for patients and staff are equipped with certified disinfecting antibacterial fluids. The bathrooms also contain instructions on how to properly wash your hands.

  • Air circulation is increased in the establishments to ensure a constant supply of fresh air for all.

  • We only use disposable tableware.

  • All litter bins are lockable.

  • Our staff is equipped with personal protective equipment - they still wear protective masks and are obliged to disinfect their hands frequently.

We have modified the Patient service procedure:

  • Automatic feeders with antibacterial gel are set up at the entrance to the clinics.

  • In the area in front of the reception desk, there are stickers on the floor indicating the safe distance between Patients, as well as Patients and Patient Advisors.

In order to ensure maximum safety for patients and the staff of the clinic, please observe the following safety rules:

  • putting on protective masks covering the nose and mouth before entering the clinic,

  • disinfecting hands with antibacterial liquid after entering the clinic,

  • coming to visits and treatments without accompanying persons.

Please be advised that the mask is absolutely required. Patients who do not comply with the above-mentioned rules will not be able to take advantage of the visits and treatments at our clinic. The above rules are also available at the entrance door of the SkinMedicine M&R Jaworscy clinic.

We hope that the actions we take will contribute to the safety of all of us.

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